Atlantica was once an allied nation of URON. A lost nation, for many centuries, until recently,When KevAl3x Started the URON/Shadowfall Great War. It used sit along side Icrose, connecting the two by a highly advanced bridge. Said bridge is now connected to Jinx City.



Atlantica consists of 4 islands.

SLOAN: The capital of Atlantica. Here, you will find a large, highly advanced castle.

City of Atlantica: West of Sloan. This is where the business district is, along with where the residents live.

Atlantic Gardens: East of Sloan. Here, you will find a large statue of a brave warrior who has saved the kingdom. This is also a beautiful park to come and relax.

Olympus Isle: North Olympus Isle,is where you enter Atlantica. Here is where the welcome center is, and you will also find Atlanticas military base, rumored to be Atlantic 51. It is said that Atlantic 51 holds top secret, highly advanced technology, also rumored to store UFOs and live aliens. Atlanticas government, has denied these speculations, but conspiracy theorists disagree with the denial.

This used to be an amazing kingdom before corrupt leadership started a war. It was said that another race of an advanced civilized race once ruled this kingdom. It has also been rumored that the ruler, himself, is from an advanced civilization from another part of the universe, but denies these theories.

Atlantica rumors (Confirmed by the United Republic Of Nations [PIR] ((URON))

Claims of UFOs hovering over Atlantica ( URON Starships gathering intelligence on Atlantica)

Atlantica hiding UFOs and aliens (Atlantican Secret Ships)

Technology to control the weather (Stolen from Allenhurst)

An extremely powerful missile, potentially destroying the solar system, disguised as a NUKE (This was destroyed by the URON Starship Vengence)

Has people in the base who can mind control the public. (Icrose Spacedock detected this and disabled it.)

Although, confirmation exists now, some people have witnessed these rumors with first hand experience but have been threatened to keep their mouths quiet.

Atlantica welcomes people to come live on the beautiful land, where everyone used to happy.