☾The Shadowfall Empire.

The Shadowfall Empire was created by KevAl3x. the story goes by saying that Kev ruled Atlantica before there were disputes about certain things and people. After an hour of fighting, a butthurt Kev created The Shadowfall Empire, to get revenge on the URON For making him look stupid infront of millions of people.

InterGalactic Empire of Alctruz.

InterGalactic Empire of Alctruz was created by 3 mentally disabled children from PIR. Jopfarm, Macman7028 and Leaderslayer. They've attempted numerous times to invade Icrose City and take it for themselves, but each time they fail more miserably then the last. They've developed a hatred for the URON and might start a war within the next year if calculations and noob instincts are correct.

Noob Industries

Noob Industries was founded by SeanCos. Due to noobs being noobs, we cannot take them all that seriously, but they cause incomprehensible damage when they come in large numbers. Their thinking process is hard to understand due to them having a lower mental capacity.

Pilgrims Islands United Nations.

The Pilgrims Islands United Nations or "PIRUN" for short, is well known for causing drama and wars within the PIR Universe. Often times noted for having wannabe rulers and total assholes in their ranks. This Empire is known for harboring evil nations into their ranks, who then cause total chaos however, the PIRUN Moderators do not care about this at all. They recruit other nations and make pages about them in their wikia.