Icrose City is located behind Marshland with an abundance of Districts. Residents of this area have the free choice to live in any one of the 6 Districts. This city is the Capital City of The United Republic of Nations. The city is Located in the Republic Continent. Lots of allies also have their cites built here.

Politics are mainly a small thing, due to them running on a council. But if there IS a dispute, the council will rerun the decision.

6 Districts are in the city and known for their specialtys.

1: Zeft. ( Known for being a highly populated area in a big city.

2: Strield North. ( Close to the water for people who like to swim, fish, and get away from it all.)

3: Hunaxi. (Icrose's Chinatown. Asian Restaurants and Housing are always here.)

4: Lakegrove (Close to a large forest with a lake.)

5: Tepest. ( 2nd Largest population to Zeft. Being a 1/2 smaller then Zeft, Tepest is a District known for the arts, such as Dancing, Aviation, and even Technology. This district connects to the City Of Whiterun. (see page for more information)

6: Allenhurst. (Named after the fabled kingdom of Allenhurst, this district is just like Strield North, and some even call it Strield South. The only thing that make it so different is the fact most of higher class citizens and celebrities live there.