The Nation of Asterov is based in Highland with branching divisions spread out across the PIR and beyond. Asterovians live for hundreds of years and have an affinity for Hashbrowns. They were inducted into the United Republic of Nations Council right before the Square One War.


The Capital city also named Asterov is located off Highlands Peninsula Island and is a magical citadel made out of light blue marble, not ice. The city is centred around the Azure Fracture harnessing its Mana and placing it into the use of everyday life. Due to the cities immediate proximity to the Azure Fracture many Magic students travel to train and study there.


The people of Asterov are slightly taller then most mortals and usually have a lifespan of several centuries. Although most of the population can wield basic magic, only half can proficiently wield Mana. Hash-browns are the staple food of many citizens, but one does not live on hash-browns alone and they do eat other food. A large number of Citizens are inducted into the Asterovian Guard as a precautionary measure for Darkest Nights and other Hostile Events of equal or greater threat.


The Asterovians joined the United Republic of Nations almost immediately before the Square One war. They first encountered one of their members when a desperate Robloxian crawled through the front gate. He was fed Hashbrowns and recovered from his injuries. Deciding that to stop the flow of refugees they would need to stop the problem, Asterov joined the URON council to push the issue of Hashbrown Trafficking, and to help them protect their nations.

Asterovian Military

Asterovian Guard

The Asterovian Guard protects the Nation of Asterov and it's allies from the enemies that would endanger them, if any. Clad in differing versions of heavy enchanted armour they serve as defence forces and police for Asterovians and their allies.

The Inquisition

A well known force consisting of elite units, the Inquisition are tasked with the finding and hunting down of heretics that desecrate sacred areas or beliefs, such as the copying of the Hashbrown Corps Mantra. Usually spread out across the land, they are rallied together as one only in times of extreme importance.

The Hashbrown Corps

A cadre of ordinary people chosen by power rings to become Hashbrown Lanterns, Fighting evil where ever it is and protecting the people. Their HQ resides in Asterov but few stay due to the spread of evil across the world.