Wars that the United Republic of Nations were involved in.

0: URON/Shadowfall Empire Great War. [Reason: URON Believed a Shadowfall Citizen was spamming around URON Territory, which resulted in KevAl3x starting a war with the URON.]

Marshland is the Base area of The URON. So any disagreement in marshland will get the URON Involved on any basis.

1:  War between  Marshland and Mainland. (Reason; Mainland was planting flags on marshlandian soil with out permission)

2: War between Underland and Marshland. (Reason; Underland built a bridge with soldiers traveling across to build tanks with aspirations of Taking it over.)

3: War between Noob Land and Marshland. (Reason; Noob Land Built noobs residing in every cave in Marshland, thus causing a war for space.)

4:  War between Farland and URON. (reason. Farland sent planes to scout oceans for islands and found Icrose City, They later returned with bombs attempting to kill all the people and take the city for themselves.)

5: War between SQUARE: One and Allenhurst Kingdom. (Reason. Allenhurst Kingdom was fed conspiricies of SO's Ruler attempting to take PIR  for himself. Allenhurst and URON Got involved to stop possible world domination. In the end the war was called off due to false statements comming from the conspirators, They were banned and exiled from the URON's council halls. Allenhurst and URON are still on edgy terms with SO and their Allies to this day.

6: War Between Noob Land and URON (Reason. Noob Land was angry URON stopped their previous attempt to own Marshland, so they went to to Icrose City to plant flags showing their hostility. They were defeated due to the imfamous votekick tool.